All you need to know about the mid-century modern style

The mid-century modern interior style defined North America’s aesthetics from the early 1930s to the late 1960s. The Bauhaus and international movements and Scandinavian designers informed the style which progressively developed after World War II. This playful and optimistic design style has made a comeback, and it’s here to stay. This period’s furniture design styles included ergonomic curves, pared-back forms, and shallow button tufting, and it was common to find organic chairs. If you’re thinking of a mid-century modern interior, here are tips for you.

Go for iconic

The mid-century modern style is an upcoming trend, but most homeowners don’t want a living space looking like a time capsule. There are ways of getting a retro-inspired look in your home without going overboard, and infusing a mid-century flair in your living room by having iconic furniture is one of them. Distinct sculptural armchairs add a mid-century modern style to your everyday lounging.

Window treatments

With the natural environment being the hallmark of the mid-century modern style, you should take advantage of every window and let in natural light. Therefore, you should look for blinds, sheer solid drapes, and other window treatments that are easy to retract to give you a better view of the outside. Keeping in mind that this style is all about sleek lines and simplicity, you should go for window treatments simple in design.

A mid-century modern bathroom

Although a bathroom isn’t the best room for a vintage-inspired mid-century style, there’s still room to pepper your bathroom with mid-century modern style in small doses. It would help if you went for marble and sleek lines to give your bathroom a timeless appeal. Custom vanity with juxtaposing wooden drawers, a white canvas wall hanging, and a mid-century styled stool will provide a marvelous easy-on-the-eye effect.


Art is another feature to include in each room. Place big and expensive canvases to create a focus of the room. Try as much as possible to identify the piece’s color and incorporate it as your accent color throughout the room. Use a creative mirror frame and pendant light shades and lamps to add a timeless style and a little creativity to the room.

Incorporating mid-century modern style into your home d├ęcor shouldn’t be difficult. Just look for the right tips and keep it simple. The Tylko’s guide to mid-century modern style has much more.