Digital U Review and Bonus

Product Name : Digital U

Author of the Product : Eben Pagan

The Official Website :

Is Digital U recommended : Yes, 100% Recommended

Are you a savvy entrepreneur who wants to venture into the online industry as the turn of ideas shifted towards the benefits of online businesses? Are you afraid that while you have the courage to step out of your comfort zone, you acknowledge that you don’t have sufficient knowledge in selling digital products? Well worry no more as I have a product which can help selling digital products become second nature to you.

Don’t worry, we all have gotta start somewhere. No success stories begin in the middle of the road. Besides, it’s more worth it if you’ve exerted effort to get to your goals – and yes, that includes investing not just your time but some money. But I guarantee you that this product will be a solid investment for you, and your business!

I’m talking about The Digital U System.

A system which will educate you on the fundamentals in creating and selling your digital products. When you purchase the product, you will get 12 blueprint tools and exercises with an elaborate video tutorial to provide you with the information that you will need and training lessons for you to practice.

The first half of the blueprint will give you tutorials on how to build your digital product and the second half will tackle on how you can market the product that you just made for it to sell and give you a lot of profit! The modules that will be given to you have been strategically designed by experts

You can try this for yourself right away if you register immediately!

You’re probably wondering what’s inside the individual modules and right now and that’s good that you’re skeptic and inquisitive, because you need that to succeed. To answer that question, once you register HERE and avail the product, these will be the modules:

Module 1. Orientation Fast Start

  • In here, you’d be taught about the different features of The Digital Product and give you a run through to help you navigate the system with ease.
  • Second, you’d undergo mind-setting. You will be taught how to think for you to succeed and have fun in the process – of course!
  • You will be taught how to maximize your learnings within 90 days or more.

Module 2. Targeting your Niche

  • You will have a complete system which will narrow your “niche” so that you’d be able to find the perfect audience for your product and let it sell itself.
  • You will learn in this module to dominate tha niche and wipe out competition. You will then have the advantage and lead the industry making it impossible for competitors to keep up.
  • You will learn the steps in creating the ideal customer representation to specifically target a demographic which will become your potential customer for efficient marketing.

Module 3. Creating Your Product

  • You’d learn the 7 powerful knowledge frameworks which will help you make a high quality product guaranteed your customers would love – it’s super fun and easy!
  • Discover the secret in creating a product that stands out and advanced strategies to help you achieve a premium price for whatever product you will create.
  • You will also be taught on the power of having the right name to your product!

Module 4. Building Your Marketing

  • Using Education-based Marketing, you’d learn how to sell and market your products genuinely without relying on schemes.
  • You will be immersed with marketing templates to help you get a ready-to-use, winning marketing template by just filling in the blanks!
  • You’d also learn that your story can play a vital role in boosting your product’s sales and they are here to teach you how in this module.

Module 5: Launching Your Product

  • In here you will learn the counter-intuitive technique which can help you achieve a lot of traffic when you launch your product.
  • Partnership is very important as well as they will help you promote your product/s and through this module, you will learn how to get them say “yes” every time.
  • Designing a product promo that is hard to resist to bring customers in could be quite challenging, but not whe you have this module.

Module 6: Email Mastery

  • You will learn to create an email follow up sequence to convert leads into buyers which will then lead to profit!
  • Access to high converting email templates to help you in writing emails that can both provide value of your product and be able to offer it at the same time.
  • Learn Tricks, Techniques and Hacks that will help email writing a breeze for you.

But wait, there is still a LOT more!

If you sign up immediately to their site, you will also get these sweet bonuses:

Bonus#1 : Wake Up Productive

 These are set of tools and habit-creation system which will double your productivity because in making a digital product, you need to maximize all the time that you have and this will be your perfect aid.

Bonus #2 : Marketing Step By Step

It is known that in launching a new product or being new to the business, you need to be good in marketing for you to succeed and this product will help you get there. With this course, you’d learn how to advertise, market, and create follow up systems which will give you an edge over your competitors.

Bonus #3 : Tech Tool Trainings

Setting up your tools in building a system which will automate your entire business is quite hard, which is why this bonus is very helpful. In the Trainings, you will be taught the steps and a click-by-click process in setting up for you to use the 12 important tools online. You’d learn one tool weekly and gradually be able to complete your business system overtime.

With these freebies, you’d surely ensure success in your profits from your digital products as you’d have more knowledge about creating and marketing digital products over your competitors. These bonuses are priced at around $3,941 in total but are given away for free if you avail The Digital U System.

There are 2 ways on how you can avail the product

Full Pay – $1997

Payment Plan – $397 (6 Payments)

What are you waiting for? If you want to start and fully realise your goal in digital product selling through The Digital U System. The most successful people are the ones who acknowledge what they lack and need to work on, so load yourself up with knowledge ad overcome competition and most importantly, gain high profits! Take the first step and register HERE!


BONUS #1 : 1-on-1 COACHING FOR 6 MONTHS ($4997 Value)

I will provide 1-on-1coaching on Skype for 6 Months and help with setting up, analysing and optimising your websites. Usually, I can also help the student with basic technical aspects. This is big deal, as i charge any where from $2497 – $4997 for my students to provide coaching, but for who purchase Digital U through this site will be enrolled completely free to my coaching.


You see my site is ranking page 1 in google for the keyword “digital u”. Getting on top of google is very crucial to get traffic to your website and generate sales. Without traffic how fancy your website is you can’t make sales. I am expert in On-Page SEO and OFF-Page SEO. I will provide you all my secret tips and tricks, resources and tools to get your website on top of search engines. This is one time opportunity i am giving away free to buyers of digital u through this website.


I will build you a completely search engine optimized website on wordpress platform. Google loves wordpress and ranks wordpress sites faster. I will personally build you a website in any niche of your interest. I will use premium paid theme and premium paid wordpress plugins. I will also use content from native English writers which get more conversions for you. Don’t miss this deal as i am doing everything for you and the only part i need from you is selecting the topic or niche you are interested in. To get this amazing deal free you have to join digital u through this website.


You will get 1 year 100% free SEO Hosting to host your websites. You can host unlimited number of websites. This hosting is not a regular shared hosting. A separate account will be created for you. This is normally $67/Month but with the purchase of Digital U you will get FREE here.

BONUS #5 : $1000 ADVERTISING CREDITS ($1000 Value)

I am giving away $1000 advertising credits from various platforms to you to advertise your site to get traffic and generate sales. No one is doing this, don’t miss the deal.


Apart from my 1-on-1 coaching you will get 6 months full email support from me. You can mail anytime and i will response within 24 hours to your questions.


This is a complete brand new course of 2018 on how to build your email list and how to write effective converting emails to get high opens and click through rate and also secret tools and resources to get traffic to your squeeze pages to build buyers list. This is not open for public and available completely free to my customers of constant profits club only. Don’t miss this mega opportunity. This is selling to my coaching students only for $997, but you will get FREE.


People say money is in the list and without a very good converting squeeze page you won’t build your list.We will give you completely done for you squeeze pages to build your email list FREE. Everything has been done by our professionals, you just need to insert your autoresponder code and upload to your server. We will even provide support on how to insert autoresponder code and uploading to your server.


I am giving away 15 days copy and paste autoresponder series for your email marketing efforts. We will help you with the set up of autoresponder series for 15 days.


I will give you 100+ red hot money niches which are less competitive and many marketers making money secretly without exposing. If you use only 5-10 niches, you will make thousands of dollars per month. This is real deal.


I am giving away DFY Niche Research packages. I did all the research and work for you. Just plug those according to your needs to get succeed.

>> Click Here To Join Digital U And Get All Above Bonuses Completely FREE<<


Here is how to get your bonuses?

Step #1 :  before your purchase clear your browser cookies. If you don’t know how to clear click this link.

Step #2 : Visit the Digital U official website through this link and purchase

Finally, send me your purchase receipt to my email admin@digitalworthacademybonus.comand i will send you bonuses within 24-48 hours.

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