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Are you looking for another Clickbank affiliate marketing course that will show its members how to make thousands of dollars in a short period of time or with minimal effort? You must be like me then.

However, if you are looking for that then Digital Worth Academy isn’t for you. Because, according to one of its co-founder, Andrew Hansen, it is not about the “hacks” or “flash in the pan” pan success only to watch it easily disappear from your hands. It is about providing for a sustainable and long term approach.

Don’t go away just yet, if you are here reading this article, then it means that you want to know more about it so I’m dishing out all that you need to know in this Digital Worth Academy Review!

I’m going to cover everything that you need to know about this including how it works, the people who made all these possible and the BONUSES that you get once you avail the

Digital Worth Academy package!

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Now, let’s start our Digital Worth Academy Review by defining it. What is it exactly? What do you do when you sign up? This is a new online business training course which teaches us a different system for building web properties or “digital assets” that can potentially earn you a 5-6 digit income or more in your monthly revenue and be sold for 30x or more.

There are a lot of online business training courses out there already available and you may ask this question next.


1. As previously stated, it is no easy money, and that is a good thing. Easy “hacks” would often lead you to easily dispensable earnings which are something that we don’t like. Instead, they will offer you ways where you can earn money in the long run and would have sustainability on it.

2. It helps you achieve a steady income and cashout where, you can do whatever you like. Live the ideal life by earning money while still having time for your family or loved ones. Like how that sound?

3. It teaches you how to take advantage of current trends and interests and how you can use this to your advantage in building traffic.

4. Have profit while being able to still do good in the world.

  • Even 1 hour a day could earn you money
  • You don’t have to create your own product
  • No need for expensive paid advertising

These are the promises that you can expect once you avail the Digital Worth Academy package. The next probable question that will come into your mind would be..


Of course, upon venturing into something new and investing on it, it is only fitting for you to wonder about the people who founded it, right? Well worry no more because I am here to tell you what you need to know about them in this Digital Worth Academy Review!

It is founded by two people namely, Andrew Hansen and Sara Young who used to work long, tiring hours online with little to no rewards. They were just like us who saw their income just disappear from their hands and later got into debt.

BUT, they did not let this get into them so they built businesses that sold millions of dollars in various niches and worked for themselves for the past 10 years now.

Because of this, they now have the time and money to travel and spend some quality time with their families AND they shared their knowledge to thousands of people now in hopes of helping them achieve what they now have.

Now isn’t that an inspiring “rugs-to-riches” story? I know, I want that kind of life too! And we CAN!

Most people would want to build websites to attain this kind of business while working at home but not everyone does or can because:

  • They don’t have the knowledge
  • Uncertain and afraid to take risks
  • Investing would then lead to anxiety and followed by disappointment especially when no results are SEEN!

It would then often lead to concluding that:

  • It is difficult
  • Requires a long amount of time
  • Wasted efforts

Which really isn’t that case, in fact, it could actually be easier or at least less difficult once you’d know what to do. THAT is what Digital Worth Academy is here for, to help you achieve all that!

If what you are reading right now seems promising for you then wait no more, come and order The Digital Worth Academy now here!

Of course, this Digital Worth Academy Review won’t be complete if I won’t include in this article the bonus that comes along with the order.

To avail the product, you can choose from these following options..


With just one payment of $1997, get a whopping discount of $394. Wow! If you want option one, then you can pay here!


You can pay $797 for 3 consecutive months. Pay first today, pay on the next 30 days then pay on the next 60 days from now. It’s that easy. If you want option 2, you can pay here!
To make these options better, on the 60th day, you can have a 100% Money Back Guarantee!

You can do this if at any point within 60 days, you’d think that The Digital Worth Academy isn’t right for you. Don’t worry, you’d get your money refunded with no questions asked!
PLUS, the DOUBLE Your Money Back Guarantee

Yes, you read it right, the double money back guarantee. If you followed the process being taught to you religiously and exactly as we have shown you and you STILL are not making any profit out of it, we will buy your business back from you for the price you paid so we can access the program!

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If you buy The Digital Worth Academy now, you will receive these BONUSES!

1. Digital Asset Blueprint: You will have lifetime access to all 7 sections and that includes more than 30 modules AND 150 “over the shoulder” videos which will give you an elaborate detail on the entire process of building a profitable digital asset from scratch. You will surely not regret and would see this of good use for you and with an original price of $999, you surely are up for a treat!

2. 6 Months Business Coaching: Sara and Andrew together with their team of coaches will guide you by hand through the set up and establishment of your new business via live webinars, one-on-one chats, a support desk and forums which originally values at $3,999 but you will avail for FREE!

3. Commission Wizard V2.0 Software: This software will help you immediately find a profitable commercial opportunity for our digital assets in even the biggest markets. You will surely win and succeed on you business if you have this one on your side! This originally costs $299 but they are giving this away as a gift for you!

4. DKM Elite Software: This tool will help you find the “corners” of your targeted market where you can find readily available traffic and revenue all at a value of $299 dollars but is given as a bonus!

5. Profit Calculator Software: This software will help you in seeing the potential monthly revenue of any “corner” in your market so you will know whether you should go after it and how much money you will make from it. Valued at $199 but is given away for you!

6. DW Community Access: This will help you interact with the members of the area via Facebook groups and forums, you’d get the chance to meet real friends and build your professional network where you can help each other succeed. This originally costs $699 but is included in the package when you order right now!

7. Outsource Staff Rolodex: You will be given a list of our own verified staff members who will be able to help you complete task that will help you get faster result. This would come in handy if you don’t have time to complete your own tasks, have the team complete it for you. You can now finally have that quality time with the special people in your life without having to worry about work. Valued at $497 dollars, you’d have this in your package for free if you buy now!

All of these inclusions would all cost over $5000!! But because they love you and would love to help you succeed in your business, they are all giving it for you as a gift! So you can finally have your own business and earn that 5-6 monthly revenue in no time.

Andrew and Sara wants you to have what they have now, and that’s earning a lot of money while being able to do the things that you love at the comfort of your own home and strengthening your relationships with your loved ones. Now isn’t that amazing?

If you are still not convinced yet, here are

7 Key Reasons To Secure Your Digital Worth Academy Membership

1. You will get every single thing you need to build this type of business and income for yourself. No more of those missing details that will not be included. You will get it ALL.

2. We will hold your hand in this journey. Rest assured, you will never be alone and be left behind. The Digital Worth Academy will always be there to help you through the struggles and get you to the finish line!

3. You will be given powerful custom software tools that are not available to the public. This will give you the advantages that were only possessed by the experts and large agencies. You now have the access on the palm of your hands!

4. You will be in a win-win situation. You can never LOSE! The worst thing that could possibly happen to you when you avail is when they buy your business back from you for the cost of your membership which is equivalent to a REFUND. It’s all about taking the risk without harmful consequences.

5. There are no “upsells” and nothing else to buy. Everything that you need to make this work for you is already provided for you in the screen once you login to your Digital Worth Academy Account.

6. You do not need prior experience or technical skills to start your own business. If you just follow the steps, you will learn AND earn. Another double win!

7. It has worked for so many people. If you’re ready to start working at this, then there is no reason on why this can’t work for you. Start your journey now!

Now that I’ve laid down to you the fundamentals in my Digital Worth Academy Review from its origin down to the inclusions in the package, I hope I’ve given you a boost in your confidence to start now!

If you are looking for a sign to start The Digital Worth Academy, this is it. Build your dreams now and sign up here!

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