Parallel Profits Review and Bonus

Product Name : Parallel Profits

Author of the Product : Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton

The Official Website :

Is Parallel Profits Recommended : Yes, 100% Recommended


Following are bonuses offered for customers who purchase Parallel Profits through this website.

Bonus #01 : Social Traffic Plan

Bonus #02 : Consulting Wizardy

Bonus #03 : Course Ninja

Bonus #04 : Online Viral Marketing Video Course

Bonus #05 : Productivity for Procrastinators

Bonus #06 : YouTube Channel SEO

Bonus #07 : Evergreen Infographics Pack

Bonus #08 : Get Motivated for Success

Bonus #09 : Clickbank Marketing Secrets

Bonus #10 : 60 Minute Profits

Bonus #11 : Facebook Retargeting Decoded

Bonus #12 : Ecom Mastery

Bonus #13 : eCommerce Niches

Bonus #14 : 7 Figure FB Ads ($1997 Value)

Bonus #15 : eCom PPC Academy ($397 Value)

Bonus #16 : Instagram Mastery Academy ($497 Value)

Bonus #17 : Six Figure eCommerce Formula

Bonus #18 : Facebook Marketing 3.0 Made Easy

Bonus #19 : Ecommerce Freedom Masterclass ($997 Value)

Bonus #20 : Commission Blueprint 2.0

Bonus #21 : Effective Paid Traffic Sources

Bonus #22 : Facebook Ad Templates

Bonus #23 : Dropshipping Academy ($1497 Value)

Bonus #24 : Smart Facebook Messenger ($1297 Value)

Bonus #25 : Dropshipping Titans ($447 Value)

Bonus #26 : Ecom Profits Masterclass ($597 Value)

Bonus #27 : Social Traffic Rush

Bonus #28 : Facebook Ads Domination

Bonus #29 : Dropship Downunder ($897 Value)

Bonus #30 : Facebook LIVE Marketing

Bonus #31 : Profit Funnels

Bonus #32 : Passion -2 – Profit Accelerator ($997 Value)

Bonus #33 : Social Media Boom Software

Bonus #34 : Modern Twitter Marketing

Bonus #35 : Image Sharing Profits

Bonus #36 : Affiliate Advantage

Bonus #37 : Mobile Ecommerce

Bonus #38 : Twitter Ad Pirates

Bonus #39 : Podcasting Profit Secrets

Bonus #40 : Reprogram Your Mind For Success

Bonus #41 : Modern Instagram Marketing

Bonus #42 : Pin Boost Secrets

Bonus #43 : 7 Figure Mastery

Bonus #44 : Modern Facebook Marketing

Bonus #45 : Modern Video Marketing

Bonus #46 : Supercharged Productivity

Bonus #47 : Affiliate Marketing Profit Kit

Bonus #48 : Email List Management

Bonus #49 : Boost Your Website Traffic

Bonus #50 : Facebook Cash Bandit

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Parallel Profits Review

Are you an entrepreneur? Are you looking for answers that could help you? Did you happen to come across this article to look for a very helpful solution on how you can thrive in the online marketing industry? I don’t blame you. It does get a little competitive and the people with the most knowledge are usually the ones who come out successful.

Luckily for you, this product review may be the solution to your dilemma and help you achieve success for your business if not beat out the competition entirely.

Online marketing is a set of tools and methodologies used for promoting a person’s products and/or services through the internet. Because of extra channels and marketing mechanisms available online, this type of marketing has a wider range of marketing elements than traditional business marketing which make this a tad bit challenging especially when you’re just about to venture into this.

If done right, online marketing can give you benefits such as: growth in potential; reduced expenses; elegant communications; and improved customer service.

If that is what you are looking to achieve then look no further and continue reading because in this article, I will break down to you why Parallel Profits may be the product that could help you.

What is Parallel Profits?

Parallel Profits is a training program that will focus more on online marketing. There is still no extensive information about the product because it still is about to be launched by the 29th of January next year. But further information about the service is said to be announced six days before the launch so constantly check this page for more update and an in-depth review.

Aidan and Steve also promised that Parallel Profits will unlike anything that other services have offered. Experts are also raving over about how this product is going to be monumental to the people who will avail this program.

The Brain behind Parallel Profits

Since there isn’t much information about the product that is disclosed, for now, it is only fitting to know the team who are responsible for the product to not only instill that this program will be trust-worthy but is also guaranteed to bring you the success that you are looking for in online marketing.

Steven Clayton

He used to team up with Tim Godfrey and created helpful informative product materials such as The Niche Blueprint, The Commission Blueprint, eFormula, and Info Prodigy. These products became so popular because they related their own experience in a vivid and comprehensive way which helped people effectively as they were appreciate it on a more specific sense.

The ‘Blueprint’ manuals all contained videos and informational manuals which guides the people who availed the program through an intriquite step-by-step process.

Furthermore, the product that they release did not offer any “miracle” in a short amount of time which other products supposedly offer. They however taught the readers to using the right method and tools which have been proven effective as it helped hundreds of online businesses by following Tim and Steve’s formulas.

Steve came from a corporate background and was the vice president of a company from Fortune 500 before he eventually decided to quit. After leaving the corporate world, he then launched his very own online marketing business called “Worth Overdoing Marketing and Consulting”.

He used his experience in his corporate career to his business which has led to the success of his company and achieved notable accomplishments in Affiliate Marketing, Product Creation, SEO, and PPC which are internet marketing niches.

Then he found his career-defining moment when he teamed up with team and created the Commission Blueprint. It was a video course detailing on how to build efficient Google AdWords campaign and set ablaze in the market. After six months, they then released Niche Blueprint which brought them another incredible success.

Aidan Booth

Aidan Booth on the other hand joined the internet marketing world in 2006. Just like where you are now, he was once looking to make it big and invested a lot of his time and money in info-marketing products. He was disappointed however when he found out that most of them were just nothing more than over-hyped materials and nothing more.

Then he found up products that were really of good use and these products were from Tim and Steve’s collaboration and from Brian G. Johnson. Through the help of their programs, Aidan found success in affiliate marketing in a couple years which made him earn six figures.

By year 2011, he teamed up with Johnson and created ‘Rank and Pillage’ which became a big hit for them. He however found an even greater success in his second marketing course called ‘Authority Hybrid’.

According to Aidan, the success of ‘Hybrid’ was better than its predecessor because he paid attention to the feedback of his customers which have led him to come up with a better and more effective program to help his customers.

Albeit, he had more experience on online marketing as the years passed by since the first release which gave him more knowledge to share and discuss on his second installment. ‘Authority Hybrid’ includes significant information for people on online marketing after the release of the Google Panda update which became very helpful in the turn of tides of the industry.

Booth is known to be a very humble and generous guy who does not hesitate in passing on his methods on his businesses for the benefit of others.

Just like Tim and Steve, his teaching courses were taken from his own experience in the internet marketing niche and the courses he offered has tried to guide his consumers through the countless difficulties which can be encountered in online marketing ina more logical and methodical approach.

Why Should YOU Avail Parallel Profits?

As you can see, both Steven Clayton and Aidan Booth have experienced difficulties upon the start of their careers on online marketing but has thrived and the light of the day through reaching success. They have also proven to be very helpful to other beginners as they extract from their own experiences and have given an elaborate instructional program through the products that they have released which has helped several online businesses.

With their collaboration through Parallel Profits, rest assured that you too can succeed in online marketing and maybe even reach the same pedestal as Clayton and Booth if you avail Parallel Profits. Keep visiting the page for more updates soon!

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